2014 Director and Officers

Officers, General Board Directors, and Delegates as defined by ACOEM and the RMAOEM Bylaws of June 27, 2005.

Jeremy Biggs, MD
Dean Prok
President Elect
Alisa Koval
Vice President
Kathy Bird, DO
Past President
John Hughes, MD

General Board Directors Representation Term Notes
Dana Headapohl, MD Non-Colorado 2013 Director term 3 yrs
Timothy Ballard, MD Undesignated 2013  
David Hewitt, MD Non-Colorado 2015  
Delegates to ACOEM - based on between 100 and 200 RMA members = two delegates to ACOEM
Ernest J. Prochazka, MD   2014 Delegate and director terms 3 years
Tracey Stefanon, DO   2015 Delegates are voting members of the board


  • Composition of the Executive Committee per the bylaws: …numbering not less than five (5) or more than nine (9) exclusive of delegates to the ACOEM House of Delegates. We currently have the maximum of 9 officers/directors plus the two delegates.
  • Quorum at a meeting of the Executive Committee: …is the physical or live telephonic presence of a number over one half (1/2) of the current directors and officers. Our current quorum is 6.
  • Terms expire at the end of the listed calendar year. Elections center around general membership meeting.

Download Bylaws 2005.pdf



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